123\2CV (Black)

2CV4, 2CV6, Dyane, Ami, Mehari



The 123ignition\2CV is designed for all 2CVs ( and derivatives ) with a A79/1, M28 or M28/1 engine.

It is a microprocessor controlled device, that replaces all the mechanical parts of the conventional system, like points, cam, and centrifugal weights.

The 123ignition\2CV is designed for the stock ( black! ) coil, and is intended for 12 volt systems only.

The ease of installation, and the outstanding quality has attracted thousands of happy 2CV-drivers, all over the world.

The main benefits are :

– better starting
– better fuel consumption
– smoother running, better emissions
– more torque ( especially in the lower rev’s )
– no maintenance, EVER again

$374.00 AUD

Installation Manual