About us

Ted Cross is the founder of 123ignition Australia, importer and re-seller of electronic ignition systems from 123ignition Netherlands.

Ted started his interest in classic cars in the early 80s with the purchase of his first Citroën, an ID 19. Later he purchased a L15 Traction and then a Traction Big 6, which he still uses today for club events.

He is a member and past president of the Citroën Classic Owners Club of Australia, club liaison officer with AOMC, a member of the Citroën Car Club of Victoria and is regularly involved in club activities. He feels suitably experienced to support and promote the use of the 123 Electronic Ignition System to fellow classic car enthusiasts.

Over the years Ted has also owned, a Peugeot 504, VW, Volvo, a couple of MGs, two Series 1 Land Rovers, and an Austin Healey Sprite Mk2a. (He currently also has a Porsche – but don’t tell his wife). With this wide range of experience with these now classic cars you can be assured of a positive response from Ted to your personal automotive needs.

A visit to the 13th ICCCR world meeting provided the opportunity for Ted to meet with the founders of 123ignition NL. He decided to not only purchase a 123ignition for the family 2CV but also started the idea to import these wonderful ignition systems into Australia so that all local classic car enthusiasts could purchase them without the usual currency exchange risks and resultant delays.

These days, with his own collection of Traction, 2CV, and DS Citroëns, Ted believes that the 123ignition is the most usable system now available and the range has been priced competitively for re-sale in Australia.

The range of 123ignition systems has recently been expanded to cater for more classic cars including MG, Peugeot, Porsche and VW. Please see the Products menu for makes and details.

Trade enquiries are also welcome. A modest supply of stock, for all the popular models, is available now.

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