Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and answers

What is so special about the 123ignition compared to other electronic ignition systems

Other systems of electronic ignition (Lumenition, Newtronic & Multic etc) require that the original mechanical centrifugal advance system is still fitted, points assisted systems (Boyer – Bransden etc.) even use the original points operating cam which suffers uneven wear and consequent lumpy running of the engine because each cylinder has its own inaccurate ignition timing. Furthermore they all require a separate box for the associated electronics.

123ignition is different, all is contained in one simple module which just goes in place of the original points box, the points operating cam is removed along with the advance weights and their bearings which wear. Two strong, small magnets slip onto the drive pins which previously held the advance weights, 123ignition is then simply bolted on.

What are the most important advantages of the 123ignition system?

Simple installation without mechanical adaptations.
Smoother engine torque curve.
No maintenance – ever again!
Variable dwell angle to prevent low speed overheating of ignition coil and make a better spark at all speeds.
Better starting.
Better emissions.
Better fuel consumption.
No burning out of the ignition coil (after stopping, the engine power is cut to the coil after 1 second!).
Built in LED for simple static ignition timing.
Real value for money.

Is there a 123ignition module for my Citroën, Peugeot, Volvo, VW, xxxx?

An ignition module for 6 cyl. Citroën Traction is now available, as well as ignition modules for the Citroën DS-injection engines and the Citroën SM.

123ignition modules for classic Peugeots, Volvos and VWs are also now available.
As soon as new products are available they will be shown on the products page.
Ignition modules for other cars will be considered if there is enough interest, write the car model you would like to see a module for on the Forum.

I installed a 123ignition 5 days ago. My 2cv runs on LPG (sometimes petrol). It now works better at low and medium speed but the top speed hasn’t improved. Idling is also much better and smoother, specially on LPG. Is this normal?

This is normal. Because of the somewhat steeper ignition-curve in the middle and low region, you indeed notice more torque there. Not so on high engine-speeds, because the 123-curve is optimized for petrol.

You may try to rotate the ignition a few degrees to the right, knowing that you are driving on LPG. The only real danger will be, that you ask too much of the engine, such that it pinks, when you drive on petrol.

Is it true that it is advisable to install a more powerful coil. If so, which one would you recommend?

On a 2cv: If you have a black 123ignition : DON’T use other coils. Best advice : buy a new black 2CV-coil, and new (silicone) ignition leads.

The more powerful VISA-coil can ONLY be used, in combination with a 123ignition\blue. ( the one with the vacuum-advance ) Using a VISA-coil, in combination with a 123\2CV, will destroy the ignition.

On all other cars: if you use anything other than the original coil make sure its primary resistance is not lower than the original coil’s.

I have a Xxxxx and I’d like to try to adapt one of your units on its engine. Will it work, can you help me?
Probably not, but if you want to take the risk and try it anyway it is up to you.

Obviously we do not guarantee that it will work, nor can we help you with any experiments or other data than what you can find on this site.

Can you supply ignition coils, ignition leads etc?
No, we only sell the products that are on the products page via our dealers, anything else you should be able to find at any car parts dealer for your car.

I’ve lost the mounting instructions, can you send me new ones?
As a service for our customers the mounting instructions are available for download as a PDF file from this site, click on your product and you’ll see the PDF link.